Chang, Chihyun (Program Director)

Duh, Bau-Ruei (Professor in Confucianism, Daoism and Zen)

Han, Lei (Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature)

Jin, Dawei (Lecturer in Chinese Linguistics)

Liberati, Nicola (Assistant Professor in Philosophy)

Lin, Minghao (Associate Professor in Archaeology)

Liu, Jialin (Professor in Comparative Literature)

Liu, Ni (Assistant Reserach Fellow )

Mo, Xiaoling (Program Officer)

Perez-Garcia, Manuel (Associate Professor in Early Modern Economic History)

Sor, Federico (Assocaite Professor in Modern Latin American History)

Wang, Ning (Dean of the School of Humanities)

Wu, Yun (Associate Professor in Modern Chinese Philosophy)

Xu, Hang (Assistant Professor in Modern East Asian History)

Yang, Chan (Associate Professor in Historical Memories)

Yang, Yi (Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese Literature)

Zhang, Zhaoyang (Professor in Ancient Chinese History)

Zhang, Yihan (Program Assistant)