Chinese History

Semester: Fall

Lecturer: Dr. YANG Chan

Credit: 2

Course Description:

Chinese History is a Program Core Course. This course provides a concise introduction of Chinese History, mainly in chronological order. The politics, economics and culture of the seven periods – pre-Qin, Qin and Han, Southern and Northern Dynasties, Song and Yuan, Ming and Qing, and Modern period – will be covered.

The aims of this course are: a) to provide opportunities for students to become acquainted with the key events and figures, and the main thread of Chinese History; b) to foster students’ interests in Chinese History and encourage students to explore the subject by themselves; c) to inspire students to examine Chinese History from the perspectives of World History and ‘longue duree’, and to compare Chinese history with the history of their own countries.

This course requires students to read and think ahead of each class, and to participate in the class discussion and share their opinions.