Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

Semester: Fall

Lecturer: Prof. DUH Bauruei

Credit: 2

Course Description:

Chinese philosophy is different from western philosophy in its problem consciousness and theoretical expression. It is concerned with the meaning of life; it seeks to make everyone’s personality perfect. However, in today’s international community, the introduction and discussion of Chinese philosophy must be expressed in the same way as that of western philosophy, which is to attach importance to the construction of theories. To this end, this course will begin with a brief introduction to the main schools of Chinese philosophy such as Mohism, Confucianism, Zhuangzi, Laozi, Legalism and Buddhism. Then, it studies the systematisms, verifiability, applicability, selectivity as were professional academic issues of Chinese philosophy. This course will be based on An Introduction to the Theoretical Truth of Chinese Philosophy written by the instructor. This course takes the teacher’s lecture and students’ discussion as the main way, with a late-semester oral exam and writing session, as a measure of the course.