Introduction to Chinese Studies

Semester: Fall

Lecturer: Professor Chihyun Chang

Credit: 3

Course Description: This module aims to provide students with a narrative account for Sinology in 16th century Continental Europe, modern Chinese history in the 20th century US and Chinese studies in the international academic world. The four lecturers are specialised in the following four fields, namely the western writing of modern Chinese history, Chinese studies, the Chinese writing of modern Chinese history and sinology, so the sessions of this module are separated into the four components for students to comprehend the making of the scholarship relating to China.


1From Sinology to Chinese Studies
2The Western Origins of Sinology
3The Differentiation of Western Sinology in Britain, America and Continental Europe
4The Diversion to the Western Writing of Chinese History
5The New Periodization of Modern China
6The Diversion to Chinese Philosophy
7The Differentiation of British and European Sinology
8The Differentiation of British and American Sinology
9The Evolution of Sinology from Early Modern to Modern Japan
10The Making of Rightist Sinology in Prewar Japan
11The Leftist Sinology in Postwar Japan
12The Confrontation between Sinology and Chinese Studies
13Sino-Western Interactions on Sinology in Republican China
14The Differentiation of Sinology in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
15Social Sciences and the Rise of Chinese Studies