Introduction To Philosophy of Technology: An Approach to the Digital Revolution in China

Semester: Fall

Lecturer: Dr. Nicola Liberati

Credit: 2

Course Description:

The course aims to provide the general tools to analyze the changes China is facing in relation to the introduction of new digital technologies. The students attending the class will be able to develop their perspectives through discussion by founding their ideas on the study of Chinese and western philosophers. Since the active participation is crucial for having a discussion and developing students’ point of view, the course will have two parts: one based on the presentations by the professor and a second one based on the presentations of the students in order to make them defend their position in the class. More specifically, the first part will focus on the introduction of philosophies and technologies in Chinese and Western traditions. The second part will focus on the presentations of the students on specific topics they choose in agreement with the professor. The presentations and the discussion generated during the course will be used for the evaluation process. The course is designed to make students able to talk and discuss the implementation of new digital technologies in society in relation to other disciplines in order to promote interdisciplinarity.

The course is founded on 22 presentations by the professors and 10 presentations by the students. Since this is a theoretical lecture course, students are required to submit a term paper written in English as the final exam, plus their attendance.