World Literature and Modern Chinese Literature

Semester: Fall

Lecturer: Prof. WANG Ning

Credit: 2

Course Description:

The present course is given to MA students of literature, which is aimed to let them know the relations between world literature and modern Chinese literature. Those who want to select this course should have a basic knowledge of modern Chinese literature plus a considerable knowledge of world literature. If they have already taken the course on comparative literature, it would be better. Through attending the professor’s lectures and participating class discussions, students will have a general picture of how modern Chinese literary tradition has been formed under the influence and revelation of world literature. Also, they will have a knowledge on how modern Chinese literature has been disseminated and received in the world.

The present course is characterized by lectures given by the professor, with students participating discussions. Since this is a theoretical lecture course, students are required to submit a term paper written in English as the final exam, plus their attendance.